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This essential vitamin supports the regeneration of new, healthy cells in the body. It is known as the ‘energy vitamin’ and helps prevent fatigue. 



Boosts your energy and metabolism to aid in weight loss. This injectable, called MIC, contains Lipotropic agents. These work to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and body, aid in metabolism of fats, and help reduce blood cholesterol.

Vitamin D3


The sunshine vitamin. Aims to fight disease, reduce depression and regulate absorption of calcium which is important for bone development.

SuperCharged MIC


Ideal for weight loss and management. Provides a boost of energy as well. A combination of fat burning/energy boosting amino acids and essential vitamins. This injection includes L-carnitine, MIC amino acids, b complex vitamins and more!


1ml $40 or 2ml $60

Keeps skin looking young
and aids in migraine relief.
Has many antioxidant benefits
while boosting mitochondrial function. Also, promotes heart health.


1ml $30 or 2ml $45

Aids in building cartilage
and provides relief from arthritis.


1ml $30 or 2ml $45

Strengthens hair, nails and skin health. Helps the body create energy from fat and carbohydrates.

Power Lift


Arginine, carnitine and B12 to give you the boost needed to maximize your workout.

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